About EZS

We access the markets with principles and technology, where we emphasize quantitative trading is all about. We commit to bring about an unparalleled investment solution through market research, data analytics, and leading-edge trading system.

Quantitative Investment

EZS employs a multi-strategy trading approach to discover alpha and make opportunities into superior returns.
EZS quantitative trading strategies seek to avoid any possible investment error arising from human mistake and misleading information while implementing objective investment decision making in order to outperform its benchmarks.
Our in-house trading system works to implement these quantitative strategies into real market activities via trading algorithms.

Institutional Solution

An exceptional research and trading system are the key for the secondary market participants who trade via algorithms at high frequency.
We have built in-house professional trading system by adopting infrastructure design originated from the U.S. HFT firms over the decades.
This sophisticated system provides seamless experience for financial institutions from data logging to live executions who are seeking to implement trading ideas into a single algorithm.

Institutional Advisory

Electronic Market Making: Provide liquidity for designated markets and assets in order to facilitate trading volume, lower trading cost, minimize bid-ask spread and improve orderbook layers.
Client Trading & Execution: Access to a large pool of liquidity via EZS consolidated orderbook and execution algorithms to trade at best market prices with minimum cost of trading.
Market Research & Analysis: We seamlessly explore and research global market trends to exploit inefficiencies and to make rational predictions.


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